Silenced – Trailer

Things are different than they used to be. We all know the feeling of dread when posting or talking about something controversial, and this dread has silenced us. It’s not censorship. The government isn’t doing it. We are. To ourselves. Across business, education, politics, and entertainment. Many comedians are even refusing to tour college campuses due to the sensibilities of students, and posting one wrong Tweet can get you fired from a job – or worse.

Silenced explores these issues. We are going to talk to everyone, including people in tech, comedy, finance, sociology, psychiatry, clergy and of course the media. We are also going to show both sides of this issue. How far is too far, is there even is such thing?

Associate Producers
AJ Fouladpour | Christopher Deoudes | Grey Tesh | Zachery Moy

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